How to Add a Manager to Google My Business

One of the most important tasks for any small business owner is to establish and maintain their company’s online presence. If you are currently managing your company on Google My Business, it may be time to consider adding someone else to help manage this account.

Why add a manager to Google My Business

Adding us as a manager to your Google My Business accounts allows us to optimize your business listing to its full potential. We make sure your information is accurate and up-to-date. Furthermore, we include every product and service you have to offer in your local service areas.

  • Helps you get more traffic
  • Reach customers in your area
  • Pages rank higher on google, yahoo, and bing
  • Helps increase brand recognition

How do I add a manager to Google My Business

Adding a manager to your Google My Business is quick and it’s simple. You just need to log in to your Google My Business dashboard, click on “Users” from the left sidebar. A window will pop up. Click the blue “Add Users” button and enter our manager email:

You will have to do this for each individual location.

Here is a step-by-step guide with pictures of this process:

1. Log in to your Google My Business. Click here to go to the login page.

Click “See your profile” to visit the dashboard for any business location you’d like to add a user.

log in to google my business

2. From the Google My Business dashboard for your location. Click “Users”. A window will pop up to show you which users have already been added to this location. It will show you which users and what roles they have. The two major roles are Owner and Manager.

click users from the sidebar

3. Click “Add Users” at the top right of the pop up window. Another prompt will show up asking you to enter the email of the user you’d like to and the role you want to assign to them. Enter “” and assign the role of Manager. Click Invite and you’re done! We will now manage all the SEO for your Google My Business location.

Who can be my manager on Google My Business

Anybody who needs access to make changes to a location can be granted the Manager role. The Manager role is given to people who are tasked with managing the social media (posts, images, events) for your Google My Business location. It is also given to SEO agencies like ourselves who will fine-tune the entire listing from top to bottom for getting more traffic to the listing.

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