Do Your Customers Know What You Do

If people don’t know what your business is about, it makes very difficult for them to hire you. To give you a quick example, this article is to let customers know that I will write similar articles to let their customers know what they can do for them. Keep reading to learn my favourite ways to achieve this goal.

Where To Begin: Asking Yourself Questions

When I do this exercise for myself, I like to start by asking myself a few very simple questions. It might seem ridiculous at first, but it is incredibly productive to get these answers down on paper.

If a paying customer asked me: What can you do for me?

I like to list out every skill and ability that I possess. This helps to identify your strengths. I will typically write down a set of actions that I am willing to perform as a service. I don’t worry about the price or how long it takes to do it. Right now, all we’re talking about is the possibility.

Here is an example of my skills and abilities:

  • I can produce high-quality, informative website content.
  • I can optimize existing content to increase your website’s visibility on Google search.
  • I can improve all the technical aspects of your website’s structure and data to further increase your website’s visibility on Google search.
  • I can create a high-quality Google My Business profile for your business.
  • I can optimize your Google My Business profile to increase your business’ visibility on Google Maps.
  • I can manage your Google My Business profile, adding weekly posts, images, and thanking your customers for leaving reviews.
  • I can produce a thank you page for you to direct customers with clear instructions for how they can leave you feedback for the work you’ve done(reviews, testimonials, etc).
  • I can build additional profiles on local business directories to increase the likelihood of customers finding you, not just on Google.
  • I can connect you with freelance creatives to produce high-quality media such as logos, promotional videos, animations, and voice recording.
  • I can set up a brand new website for your business.
  • If you have time and energy and are willing to do these things yourself, I can consult you on what the right direction would be.

Try to make this list as thorough as possible. You don’t have to get too much into the details of the work. Provide a solution to a problem. These are your services. The next step is to take each one and expand on them.

Is this service worth providing?

The answer to this question is critical to your success. If you don’t want to perform the service, you won’t enjoy doing your job. Deciding if the service is even worth providing comes down to a few different factors. You need to ask yourself a few smaller questions to get the answer you’re looking for.

How much time will it take?

As a business owner, your most precious commodity is time. Nobody will put as much time into your business as you. This is why it’s important to manage your time accordingly. In the past, I’ve taken jobs where I was in way over my head. Too much work and not enough time to complete it.

If your business has a great reputation, the work continues to flood in. What if you’re not done the work you already have? You have to start making some difficult decisions. If you are currently providing a service that is preventing you from making more money with a different service, you may be providing the wrong service. Or you’re just pricing it wrong.

How much effort will it take?

The second most precious commodity you have is energy. If you spent all the time in the world working on your business, you will burn out. You will need to calculate how much effort each service requires from you. This can be done with a couple of simple exercises.

Pick one of your services and fulfill all of its requirements from start to finish. Time yourself while you’re doing it. If the number doesn’t feel right, do it again. This is actually a good exercise to see if you enjoy providing the service in the first place. Do it as many times as necessary until you feel you’ve got a good average time.

How much money will it make me?

As you know, you can charge whatever number you want. That doesn’t mean you will get the customer. It’s important to understand the market value of the service you’re providing. This can be done by simply calling a few other providers of similar services and asking them for an estimate.

If you aren’t entirely confident in the service you are offering, you should expect to take less pay for it. Confidence and delivered results are the key indicators for how much you can make for each service. Confidence can be faked, but results cannot. This is what makes sales such a strong force in marketing. Selling a service without results is a good way to lose clients. If you aren’t confident in what you can deliver, be upfront about it and offer the service at a lower rate.

Put the results together

By now, you should have a good understanding of how much time, effort, and money will come from a single service. You should now see just how much you will be able to earn if you provided this service. This will give you a good indicator of how much time and energy you will have at the end of the delivery.

It’s not enough to do this for just one service, but for all your services. This will give you a really good understanding of how much your business could earn. The only thing that’s missing is how much of this work can you actually get?

Promoting Your Services

It’s time to let the public know how to find you. People who are in dire need of your services are out there. They are searching Google. They are asking Facebook groups for recommendations. They are asking friends, family, and co-workers. They are being exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of display adverts on a daily basis.

The right method to choose to reach your target audience isn’t always crystal clear. A lot of it can depend on your market, industry, and target demographic. You need to understand their language, their mindset, and budget.

My favourite method of promoting a service is through publishing high-quality relevant content. This is typically what Google rewards the most for businesses who are trying to improve search visibility. With the right adjustments to your website’s content, you can trigger many happy search queries that result in traffic to your website.

Ultimately, your ideal method of promotion will be the one that delivers the highest return on your initial investment. A website can cost thousands of dollars to produce, especially if it’s done professionally. But if that website brings in thousands of dollars worth of customers every month, then who cares how much the website cost?

I would advise trying as many free methods as possible before going out and paying somebody like me. I’ll leave you with a list of a few things you can try. If even one of the following methods drums up more business, double down on that method.

Free Methods To Try

  • Create a Facebook Page and invite people to join it.
  • Create a Twitter account and tweet about your industry.
  • Create an Instagram account and share images of your work.
  • Add your business to Yellowpages, Yelp, and other directories.
  • Find blogs and forums in your industry and become an active participant.
  • Send e-mails to your ideal customer to let them know what you do.
  • Call your ideal customers and introduce yourself.
  • Show up to your ideal customer’s physical location and introduce yourself.

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