A Tip For Business To Business Companies

What exactly is a business to business customer model? If you’re providing a product or goods to another business, you are engaged in business-to-business activity. An example would be a wholesaler providing goods to a retailer. The retailer makes money from selling your goods through many of their own creative efforts to their customers.

For the retailer, finding customers is much easier. In many cases, all they need to do is open the doors to their store. Of course, there is more to it than that. I’d like to focus on how you’d expect to get customers who are not consumers, but other businesses.

As you may know, I’m a fan of producing content for websites. This is one of the most under-used tools any business has at its disposal. Do you ever wish you could get a message out to a group of people? Do you ever wish you could get that message in front of potential clients? Stop wishing and start producing content. This is the way it’s done.

Keep reading to get one simple tip to help you land more clients.

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Solve Your Clients Problems For Them

I recently finished building a website for a new client. The site has been live for a few months. Anytime you have a website that’s been live for more than a few months, you start to pull in data that can help to improve it. This data usually comes in the form of search data. What people are googling, and how often those searches bring up your business. I noticed a lot of related search queries that didn’t help my client but are actually beneficial to my client’s clients.

By creating content around the irrelevant search queries, I’m able to put together a list of businesses these people can refer to. This list of businesses is meant to be informative and helpful. Above all else, this list is meant to show my client’s clients an article where they’ve been mentioned/featured.

These businesses may not be doing everything they can when it comes to online presence. By knowing what people are searching for, I can add some very helpful content to my client’s website. The end result is my client has provided helpful and informative content for their clients as well.

The next step is to reach out to each and every one of these businesses and let them know they’ve been featured. Even if they don’t need my client’s services, they might just save them to their contact list. Contractors come and go all the time. As soon as one drops off, you need to have a back-up. This is a good way to becoming many businesses’ back-up contractor.

Don’t think this works?

It’s all about the long game. If you’re truly in this business to win, you will know that good results take time. I’ve been a back-up call to many businesses, and they will usually be very happy to hear you answer the phone.

This tells them several things:

  • You have a strong work ethic and are willing to make things happen.
  • If you called over a year ago you answer the phone with your business name and title, it creates an incredible sense of confidence in calling you back.
  • It shows you’ve been in business this whole time, and you’re not starving for their attention.

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